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We know how satisfying it is to share happiness. With a GET SHIT DONE E-GiftCard you can be a multiplier of the commitment to GET SHIT DONE and inspire others to develop the athlete mindset that lays within themselves.

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Buying a E-GIFT CARD outside Australia: E-GIFT CARDS are sold in Australian Dollars (AUD), if you are buying the E-GIFT CARD in a currency different than AUD, the E-GIFT CARD will be paid at the current currency conversation ad the value in AUD selected will be assigned to the E-GIFT CARD.  Then a currency conversation takes place when the E-GIFT CARD is redeemed at the checkout. This conversion uses the exchange rate at the time that the E-GIFT CARD is redeemed, and not the exchange rate that was in place when the E-GIFT CARD was purchased. 

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