If you’re a gym goer, fitness, workout enthusiast or a fan of bodyweight exercises then you’ll benefit from our Liberator shoe versatility to go laceless. You might be wondering, what exactly do we mean by go laceless?

Same trainers, alternate options...

These shoes were originally conceptualised to provide alternate options for wear.

The incorporation of the lace loop holes into the upper knitting in conjunction with an elasticated internal reinforcement featured at the forefoot, allows you to wear them without the laces. This gives you the freedom to not only enjoy the optimal performance but additionally the unique seamless, built for comfort wear anywhere style.

Enjoy the Versatility

Simply slide your foot into these laceless shoes and run out the door to GET SHIT DONE, no need to "do" and "undo" a double knot, just wearing them is simpler. There’s nothing better than an easy slip on shoe that you can rely on.

We Recommend

We recommend you check out our size guide in our Shop section in order to select the right fit, (our laceless’ general fit is just slightly less snugged than with laces).

We recommend you keep the laces intact on heavy lifting leg workout sessions, but for any other type of exercise, your feet will thrive in these snug laceless shoes.

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