This line, The Liberator, delivers a strong open message “here to liberate”. It’s been developed to awaken our inner athlete in everyone. Any individual can have their own thoughts, dreams… and we want to inspire you to liberate them.

The Shoes. They are one-of-a-kind sock-like fit trainers designed to support a variety of activities. From high-intensity gym classes and outdoor boot camps to short-distance runs on a treadmill (under 4km), these are your all-in-one training shoes.

The Fit. The snug fit supported by reinforced and elasticated upper knitting, in combination with a flexible midsole makes the shoes lightweight and comfortable at all times during multi-directional movement workouts.

The Alternative. The Liberator comes with a criss-cross lacing system with oval anti-slip laces. However, their unique design includes internal reinforcement that allows you to go lace-less without compromising the performance or the seamless look, giving you the ultimate lightweight modern sneaker experience.

The Style. These are not just gym shoes. The Liberator was created not just with the endurance of the shoe in mind but also the aesthetic, for everyday casual wear.